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It Takes 6 Needle-like Mouthparts to Take Your Blood & Leave You With an Itchy Mosquito Bite in Westminster Massachusetts

Have you ever wondered how a mosquito, so tiny, can do so much damage? How does this miniature creature leave you with such an annoying itchy mosquito bite? How did this minuscule pest become the most deadly animal on the planet? With perfectly functioning anatomy, a mosquito is brilliant at getting the nutrition it needs to create more mosquitoes, an important feature for a species that has survived on this planet for almost 100 million years.

We urge you to watch this fantastic video from the Deep Look YouTube channel. You’ll get to see how the mosquito bite works through a microscopic lens.

The Anatomy of a Mosquito Bite

Only the female mosquito bites humans. They need the blood to create eggs for procreation. To efficiently get her blood meal, the female mosquito has a sophisticated set of needle-like appendages, 6 to be exact.

Inside a protective sheath lies the six needles. Each of the six needle-like appendages owns a vital function for biting and obtaining the much-needed blood-meal.

  1. Two have tiny teeth so sharp you can barely feel it as she saws through your skin.
  2. Two hold the skin apart while she works, like teensy little forceps.
  3. One of the mosquito’s needles probes through the skin looking for blood. This needle-like appendage has receptors for finding the blood vessel guiding her to it. She uses this same needle like a straw to extract your blood.
  4. The last of the six needles secretes chemicals into your skin to get your blood flowing easily, giving you itchy welts. This is how mosquito-borne viruses and parasites are spread so effectively. An infected female mosquito makes the perfect vector for illness and disease.

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