Mosquito Squad of Central MA

A New Mosquito Killing Weapon in the Works

We’ve told you that mosquitoes are the most dangerous animal on earth by far, so the fact that scientists are constantly working on new ways to get rid of them can’t be a surprise. We’ve used yucky smelling bug sprays, citronella candles, and even read about gene modification plans. However, so far the mosquitoes are still here. So what’s next?

A Fungus Can Eliminate Mosquitoes

A fungus that carries spider and scorpion venom. Sounds lethal, doesn’t it? And as they continue to work on it, it seems it could be, but only to mosquitoes, most importantly the mosquitoes that cause the worst diseases: Malaria, Dengue fever, and Yellow fever.

Initially what they found was this fungus wasn’t strong enough and it took extreme amounts to kill just one insect, but a team of international researchers got together to find a way to strengthen the fungi. They used genes from the North African desert scorpion and the Australian Blue Mountains funnel-web spider, both of which carry toxins that block nerve impulses. This version of the fungus proved to be quite lethal when tested on wild-caught mosquitoes. Brian Lovett, an entomologist at the University of Maryland, states that “our fungal strains are capable of preventing transmissions of disease by more than 90% of mosquitoes after just five days.”

This may sound a little scary, releasing a new fungus into the environment that carries what sounds like dangerous neurotoxins, but again they have proven only to affect mosquitoes. Tests on honeybees found that they were completely unaffected when sprayed. In fact, similar products are already used and approved by the EPA limiting any reason for concern.

Mosquito Research Takes Time. Until Then…

Hopefully, these fungal spores will be able to be released in the wild, but research and testing take time. Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts and Mosquito Squad of the North Shore are excited to continue to watch and report these scientific findings to you. Ridding the world of disease caused by mosquitoes is something we can all be hopeful for, but until then, we can continue to fight in our own backyards. Call us today about having our barrier treatment eliminate 85-90% of the mosquitoes in your outdoor spaces. 877-387-7823