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Dave Macchia is the owner of Mosquito Squad of Central MA and the author of 2 blogs about mosquito control and tick control in the Central Mass area.

Triple-E (EEE) Deserves Triple Coverage from Mosquito Squad of Central Mass

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE),  commonly called “Triple E” is a dangerous arbovirus that is commonly passed from bird to mosquito to horse, and less frequently from bird to mosquito to human. As we reported before, there are many more human…
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Satisfaction guaranteed – even if it means catching, dismantling and identifying a mosquito from your Central Mass property

Mosquito control for your Central Mass home – Guaranteed! Recently I had the disappointing phone call from a customer who was getting less than satisfactory mosquito control results from our traditional barrier spray. While I never like getting these calls,…
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A distinction we don’t want in Massachusetts – highest number of human EEE cases

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) is not something that is just a concern for horse owners and lovers. The potentially fatal disease can be spread to humans with a tremendously scary outcome. While rare in humans, EEE is one of the…
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You’ve heard of GMOs, what about GMMs? Genetically modified mosquitoes are the next big debate

The Florida Keys are a hot bed for mosquitoes and aggressive mosquitoes at that. With year round mosquito weather they never get a break from the annoying dangerous pests. The particularly human loving variety called Aedes aegyptus or yellow fever mosquito,…
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Aristotle wrote about it. Alexander the Great was likely killed by it. Bill Gates has made it his mission to fight it. The 210 million year struggle against the most prolific killer of all time.

Every school-aged kid learns about various plagues and black deaths and yellow fevers that killed off massive numbers of people during times when the medical community didn’t have as much knowledge as they do now. If you were like me,…
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What is arbovirus surveillance & mosquito testing in Central Massachusetts?

On June 15 the State of Massachusetts started tracking the arboviruses West Nile Virus (WNV) and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) across the state for the season. Arbovirus is a term to describe a group of viruses that are transmitted by…
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Ponds, streams, bird baths or buckets: which of these is turning your Central Mass yard into a mosquito factory?

What makes a better mosquito habitat? A neighborhood pond filled with fish, frogs, and other insects or a forgotten dog dish sitting undisturbed under a shady tree in your suburban back yard? If it is left with water in it…
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