Mosquito Squad of Central MA

Asian Tiger Mosquito

A Mosquito Capable of Carrying the Zika Virus is Indeed in Central Massachusetts

We’ve heard through the grapevine that we are NOT at risk for Zika Virus here in Tewksbury, Sudbury and the rest of Central Massachusetts. While the risk is low, there is still a risk. While the Zika Virus is not…
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The Uncertainty of the “Zika Mosquito”

While the current Zika Virus epidemics in the world are primarily being advanced by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, scientists are researching to figure out which other mosquito species are capable of carrying and transmitting the virus. They have confirmed the…
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Mosquito Bites Itch And Sting But Can They Cause Death?

Almost everyone experiences itching after a mosquito bite.  The itch is a mild allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva causing our bodies to have a histamine response.  It’s usually just irritating.  Many homemade and over-the-counter medicines will reduce the itch…
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Ochlerotatus Japonicus aka: Asian Rock Pool or Asian Bush Mosquito – Another Asian Arrival!

If you have been reading our blogs, you are familiar with the Asian Tiger mosquito.  Two particularly unique characteristics of the Asian Tiger mosquito are its aggressiveness and its habit of biting during the day.  Other mosquitoes in Central Mass…
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It will soon be raining cats and… tigers?

It’s March 2014 and believe it or not, mosquito season here in Central Mass is right around the corner. While mosquito used to be pesky, there were a few ways to avoid getting eaten up by mosquitoes. Basically the early…
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Ouch! The Asian Tiger Mosquito Takes A Bite Out Of Massachusetts

You may have seen these distinctive striped-legged mosquitoes and wondered what they are called.  The black and white striped pattern on their legs is a true representation of the animal that inspired their naming – a tiger.  They are bold…
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