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Clinton Mass Reports Its First Case Of West Nile Virus

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDH) announced that a mosquito collected in one of their samples tested positive for West Nile Virus (WNV).  The mosquito was found July 3rd  2014 in a trap used by MDH to look for…
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Why do mosquitoes want to have their backyard BBQ at the same time as us?

When you hang around outside from daytime into dusk, you know that dusk seems to be when the dinner bell sounds for not just humans. Dusk is the time we’re getting ready for grilling out and mosquitoes are getting ready…
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Yikes, Chikungunya has arrived in the United States!

Chikungunya may sound like a spicy dish from the Caribbean but it is certainly not.  It is actually another of the many mosquito-borne diseases from which over 1 million people worldwide perish each year.  Unfortunately, the only thing hot about…
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Did You Have Unwanted Guests In Your Yard On Memorial Day?

Holidays are a time to enjoy your family and friends.  Perhaps you like playing games in the yard, grilling hot dogs and burgers, or watching TV on your deck or patio.  Summer is short, so making the most of it…
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