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Will Mosquitoes Flourish in Central Massachusetts this Year? The Magic Eight Ball Says “Signs Point to Yes!”

You don’t need a Magic Eight Ball to determine the forecast for the summer bug population. With the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) on the case, we can take advantage of their expertise to know ahead of time what to…
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Satisfaction guaranteed – even if it means catching, dismantling and identifying a mosquito from your Central Mass property

Mosquito control for your Central Mass home – Guaranteed! Recently I had the disappointing phone call from a customer who was getting less than satisfactory mosquito control results from our traditional barrier spray. While I never like getting these calls,…
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A Mass of Mosquitoes here in Central Massachussetts

As we enter the middle of May, the weather in Central Massachusetts gets warmer and more humid. Regular readers of our blog know that it’s already mosquito season…and that our long winter means more snow-melt…and therefore many more mosquitoes than…
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Mosquito Bites Itch And Sting But Can They Cause Death?

Almost everyone experiences itching after a mosquito bite.  The itch is a mild allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva causing our bodies to have a histamine response.  It’s usually just irritating.  Many homemade and over-the-counter medicines will reduce the itch…
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EEE! – Not Just A Sound You Make When Slapping A Mosquito

EEE is the acronym for Eastern Equine Encephalitis.  As the name suggests, horses are most at risk for becoming infected.  Although rare in humans, it can cause permanent disabilities.  If infected, one in three of us will succumb to it. …
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Clinton Mass Reports Its First Case Of West Nile Virus

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDH) announced that a mosquito collected in one of their samples tested positive for West Nile Virus (WNV).  The mosquito was found July 3rd  2014 in a trap used by MDH to look for…
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