Mosquito Squad of Central MA

mosquitoes of Central Mass

Despite the Drought, Mosquitoes in Wilmington Mass Thrive

Dry hot conditions in Massachusetts this summer may have you longing for autumn to arrive. While a hot, dry spell can have some negatives effects, a major positive is a reduction in mosquito populations. This fact may leave you wondering…
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Mosquito control in Central Mass has improved dramatically. No cans, no coils, no candles needed.

As you know, mosquito protection is not simple or easy. In days of old, a few Citronella candles and a bottle of stinky spray were the norm. We all accepted the fact that this strategy would provide minimal protection at…
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Other Infectious Mosquito Diseases of Central Mass

We’ve all heard about the Asian Tiger mosquito. It’s the aggressive day feeding mosquito with tiger like stripes. The Asian Tiger spreads West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, and Dengue Fever among other diseases. This little bugger’s scientific name is Aedes…
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