Mosquito Squad of Central MA

Tick Bite

Eastern Equine Encephalitis in Central Massachusetts Is Alarming, But There Is A Bigger Threat Among Us

Eastern Equine Encephalitis has been in our news over the past few weeks. The third case of EEE this year was found in a Tyngsborough horse that died from the illness. The mosquito threat level in neighboring Chelmsford and Westford…
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How Serious Is Tick Borne Disease In Central Massachusetts?

Massachusetts residents are used to hearing about the risk of Lyme Disease in our area.  This time of year, there is something about Lyme Disease in the news almost daily. Most cases of tick borne illness are reported between the…
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Girl Diagnosed With Advanced Lyme Disease From Ashburnham, MA Is Beneficiary Of Annual Run

In July of 2003, Brian Simmons was killed by a drunk driver when leaving his first job as a unit coordinator at UMass Hospital in Worcester. Brian was an Ashburnham, MA native who was a great soccer player. He had…
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Tick Control: How Can Something That You Cannot Hear, See or Feel Make You So Sick?

They are stealth. Often too tiny to see on your body. When they bite, it is painless. At least a mosquito will warn you with a buzz. Ticks are sly. They are in our daily surroundings of Chelmsford and Cambridge…
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How To Stay In Control When A Tick Bites

You come inside from a day in the yard where the kids were playing games and climbing trees while you were gardening.  As a precaution, you check the kids for ticks and make them take showers upon coming indoors.  Too…
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