Mosquito Squad of Central MA

traditional mosquito spray

Ponds, streams, bird baths or buckets: which of these is turning your Central Mass yard into a mosquito factory?

What makes a better mosquito habitat? A neighborhood pond filled with fish, frogs, and other insects or a forgotten dog dish sitting undisturbed under a shady tree in your suburban back yard? If it is left with water in it…
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EEE! – Not Just A Sound You Make When Slapping A Mosquito

EEE is the acronym for Eastern Equine Encephalitis.  As the name suggests, horses are most at risk for becoming infected.  Although rare in humans, it can cause permanent disabilities.  If infected, one in three of us will succumb to it. …
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Does Mosquito Squad Really Work? What’s In There?

These are two questions we are asked a lot.  It’s important you know what your yard is being sprayed with and understand how effective it actually is.  You want a product that can be used around your family that will…
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