Mosquito Squad of Central MA


What is arbovirus surveillance & mosquito testing in Central Massachusetts?

On June 15 the State of Massachusetts started tracking the arboviruses West Nile Virus (WNV) and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) across the state for the season. Arbovirus is a term to describe a group of viruses that are transmitted by…
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‘Tis the season for Mosquito Borne disease in Central Mass

Did you know that through history mosquitoes have caused more human deaths than any other animal? It’s true. Being vectors of serious diseases makes the deadly mosquito scarier than sharks, bears, lions and other “dangerous” animals. The first case of…
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Are Central Mass Mosquitoes Really Responsible for Heartworm in your Pet?

Are Mosquitoes really to blame for Heartworm? You bet. Only the bite of the mosquito can infect your dog or cat with Heartworm. Once bitten by an infected mosquito it takes about seven months for the larvae to mature into…
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Ochlerotatus Japonicus aka: Asian Rock Pool or Asian Bush Mosquito – Another Asian Arrival!

If you have been reading our blogs, you are familiar with the Asian Tiger mosquito.  Two particularly unique characteristics of the Asian Tiger mosquito are its aggressiveness and its habit of biting during the day.  Other mosquitoes in Central Mass…
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Mosquito Control And Tick Control In Chelmsford This Summer

After a challenging winter this year, The Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting good news for Massachusetts residents.  Spring temperatures in Chelmsford and surrounding areas are expected to be above normal in April and May this year.  This good news brings…
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