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Mosquito and Tick Control Season Long

Don’t Let Uninvited “Pests” Come To Your Special Event

It is finally your day! The weather is gorgeous, the tent is set up and the caterers are prepared with the food. Everything is perfect!  Your guests arrive on the lawn. You notice them swatting and slapping at the dreaded…
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Ouch! The Asian Tiger Mosquito Takes A Bite Out Of Massachusetts

You may have seen these distinctive striped-legged mosquitoes and wondered what they are called.  The black and white striped pattern on their legs is a true representation of the animal that inspired their naming – a tiger.  They are bold…
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Oh Deer! Lyme Disease Prevention Needs Attention in Massachusetts

A report released by a special legislative commission recognizes the large increase of Lyme Disease cases in Massachusetts. The report cites the rising deer population in Massachusetts, along with new housing communities encroaching on these habitats, as a catalyst. While the…
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