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Could Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Stop the Spread of the Zika Virus?

Last year we shared a story with you about a British company (Oxitec) developing genetically engineered mosquitoes to fight against the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses. At the time, the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) were testing these mosquitoes…
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You’ve heard of GMOs, what about GMMs? Genetically modified mosquitoes are the next big debate

The Florida Keys are a hot bed for mosquitoes and aggressive mosquitoes at that. With year round mosquito weather they never get a break from the annoying dangerous pests. The particularly human loving variety called Aedes aegyptus or yellow fever mosquito,…
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Aristotle wrote about it. Alexander the Great was likely killed by it. Bill Gates has made it his mission to fight it. The 210 million year struggle against the most prolific killer of all time.

Every school-aged kid learns about various plagues and black deaths and yellow fevers that killed off massive numbers of people during times when the medical community didn’t have as much knowledge as they do now. If you were like me,…
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When It Comes To Mosquito Illnesses like Chikungunya – Prevention Is Key!

Since December 2013, a new mosquito-borne virus has emerged in our Hemisphere.  Formerly found in Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands and Africa; Chikungunya is spreading like wildfire in the Caribbean.  The number of reported cases went from 1 seven months…
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Is Chikungunya Coming To Central Mass This Summer?

When Chikungunya first appeared on the Reunion Islands near India, 266,000 of the island’s 770,000 were soon infected according to a recent article by The Daily Beast.  It is now in the Western Hemisphere.  Chikunguya first appeared here in December…
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