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Are Central Mass Mosquitoes Really Responsible for Heartworm in your Pet?

Are Mosquitoes really to blame for Heartworm? You bet. Only the bite of the mosquito can infect your dog or cat with Heartworm. Once bitten by an infected mosquito it takes about seven months for the larvae to mature into…
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Mosquito Bites Itch And Sting But Can They Cause Death?

Almost everyone experiences itching after a mosquito bite.  The itch is a mild allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva causing our bodies to have a histamine response.  It’s usually just irritating.  Many homemade and over-the-counter medicines will reduce the itch…
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Mosquito Bites: How Do You Know What Is A Reaction Versus An Infection?

You or your child has a mosquito bite. This bite seems out of the ordinary. The way it looks is concerning. How do you know what to do? Should you see a doctor or wait it out? There are some…
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