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Yikes, Chikungunya has arrived in the United States!

Chikungunya may sound like a spicy dish from the Caribbean but it is certainly not.  It is actually another of the many mosquito-borne diseases from which over 1 million people worldwide perish each year.  Unfortunately, the only thing hot about…
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Labor Day May Be The End Summer. Unfortunately, It Is Not The End Of Mosquitoes!

What do you associate with Labor Day? A day off from work? The end of summer? The last day that you are allowed to wear white? The start of football season?  Maybe you are planning to spend time in the…
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Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My! Is The Deadliest Animal Smaller Than A Fly?

The top ten deadliest animals in the world consist of Grizzly Bears, Crocodiles and African Lions.  Did you know that the mosquito is considered the top animal on the list?  Mosquitoes carry many life-threatening diseases all over the world.  The…
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Will Your Mosquito Control Spray Wash Away?

Our Chelmsford area residents have received quite a bit of rain lately due to Tropical Storm Andrea moving up the East Coast.  Many of our Middlesex County customers have called wondering if our mosquito control barrier yard spray washes away…
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Memorial Day Brings On The Season Of Pools And Out-Of-Control Mosquitoes

It’s Memorial Day! This day marks the beginning of warm weather and outdoor fun!  You have prepped the pool for the season and bought a couple extra pool toys for the kids. Finally, you jump in for a couple of…
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