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Did You Have Unwanted Guests In Your Yard On Memorial Day?

Holidays are a time to enjoy your family and friends.  Perhaps you like playing games in the yard, grilling hot dogs and burgers, or watching TV on your deck or patio.  Summer is short, so making the most of it…
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Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My! Is The Deadliest Animal Smaller Than A Fly?

The top ten deadliest animals in the world consist of Grizzly Bears, Crocodiles and African Lions.  Did you know that the mosquito is considered the top animal on the list?  Mosquitoes carry many life-threatening diseases all over the world.  The…
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Memorial Day Brings On The Season Of Pools And Out-Of-Control Mosquitoes

It’s Memorial Day! This day marks the beginning of warm weather and outdoor fun!  You have prepped the pool for the season and bought a couple extra pool toys for the kids. Finally, you jump in for a couple of…
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When You Are A Mosquito, Girls Control The World

Did you know that adult female mosquitoes are the only ones that will bite humans? The little ladies need protein from a blood meal to develop their eggs. Some female mosquitoes only prefer biting certain animals such as birds and…
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